Closing good business is just as important as attracting new business. Annuities and life insurance are detailed financial instruments and are ever evolving. With so much learning at hand, it’s good to know you have experienced, professional support with The Annuity Store. We’re here to help you with the in’s and out’s of annuities and life insurance. We make it easy for you to know when and how to use us to help you close more business.

TAS Back Office

Closing more and better business is easier when you can delegate to a highly competent and professional team. Our goal is to free you to do what you do best, meet the people. We make it easy for you to get help with:

  • Case Design and Product Positioning
  • Leveraging Sales Material
  • Creating Product Illustrations

Software Training

We’ve arranged access to simple software tools that have very specific roles in your practice. Our tools help you get results – they’re field tested for professionals and clients. We’ll not only help train you, we’re here to run illustration and sales concepts.

Closing business is as important as new business…
we’ll help you close with professionalism and efficiency.


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The Annuity Store is not affiliated with the above mentioned vendors nor do we guaranty the accuracy or quality of their services. Although we may promote and/or recommend the services offered by these companies, agents are ultimately responsible for the use of any materials or services and agree to comply with the compliance requirements of their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, (if applicable), and the insurance carriers they represent.