Pursuing success can be chaotic and consuming; we’d like to help simplify it for you. We want you to have more success than ever, but not at the cost of more time, more money and more chaos. If Success Made Simple feels like something you’d be interested in, we invite you to learn more about our Simplicity Program.

Our Simplicity Program can be categorized by the five following concepts:


At The Annuity Store, simple is at the heart of everything we do. We believe success can be made simple, and simple may just be the right answer for you. One of our key focuses is to help you take a deeper look at how your business can be more successful without adding complexity and excessive cost.



At The Annuity Store, we understand that selling annuities and life insurance to your clients is not easy. Our view is that they shouldn’t be sold. We can help you “position” insurance the appropriate way using a very compelling story.



Quality leads are the nemesis of most financial professionals. That’s because building a sustainable attraction strategy has many base requirements; steps most professionals skip in exchange for the short-lived magic marketing bullets. To be fair, building a deep and compelling marketing strategy has typically been an expensive pursuit. The Annuity Store has worked to increase the accessibility to great marketing.



Closing good business is just as important as attracting new business. Annuities and life insurance are detailed financial instruments that may have a number of moving parts and are ever evolving. With so much learning at hand, it’s good to know you have experienced, professional support with The Annuity Store. We’re here to help you with the in’s and out’s of annuities and life insurance. We make it easy for you to know when and how to use us to help you close more business.


Getting Paid

We are of the mind that getting paid promptly once you submit business is a reasonable expectation. There are many reasons that contribute to not getting paid sooner; we work with you to help better ensure your new business gets processed on time and without unnecessary back-and-forth.