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[audio:01-TAS Intro-26581.mp3,02-Schedule Intro Meeting-26581.mp3,03-IntroMeet Memory Jogger-26581.mp3,04-Review And Qualify-26581.mp3,05-Gather Info and Prepare-26581.mp3,06-4 Step Value Call-26581.mp3,07-Intros to Professionals-26581.mp3,08-Review and Qualify-26581.mp3,09-CPA 4 Step Call-26581.mp3,10-CPA Agenda Review-26581.mp3,11-CPA Interview-26581.mp3,12-Quantify Value-26581.mp3,13-CPA Client Engagement-26581.mp3,14-Favorable Intro to CPA Client-26581.mp3,15-TAS Conclusion-26581.mp3]
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Track 1: Introduction – How to Duplicate Your Best Clients
Track 2: Schedule the Favorable Introduction Meeting
Track 3: Favorable Introduction Meeting and Memory Joggers
Track 4: Review and Qualify the Client Referral List
Track 5: Gather Referral Information and Prepare Favorable Introductions
Track 6: Schedule the Referred-Client Appointment using the 4-Step Value Call
Track 7: Favorable Introductions to Professionals
Track 8: Review and Qualify Professional Referral List
Track 9: The CPA Appointment and the 4 Step Value Call
Track 10: The CPA Agenda Review
Track 11: The CPA Interview
Track 12: Quantify the Value
Track 13: The CPA Client-Engagement Process
Track 14: Favorable Introduction to a CPA Client
Track 15: Conclusion

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