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Reclaiming the Future
The Allianz Reclaiming the Future study is a nationwide survey meant to create a more vivid picture of common retirement perceptions. This research uncovered five key findings: 1) Americans believe that there is a retirement crisis and that they are unprepared, 2) they fear outliving their money more than they fear death, 3) the economic downturn was a big “wake-up call”, 4) there are five distinct financial “personalities”, and 5) annuity-like solutions are gaining relevance and appeal. Several client pieces have been developed from this study to aid financial professionals in position annuities as beneficial products and encouraging clients to take a closer look at alternative retirement solutions.

Allianz Reclaiming Future (full)
Allianz Reclaiming Future (short)
Allianz Financial Personalities questionnaire
Reclaiming the Future consumer brochure
Reclaiming the Future client presentation

Rethinking Retirement
This presentation prepares financial professionals to assist the emerging baby-boomer retirement population in transitioning from accumulation to income by identifying and discussing the five options to help improve income. Topics include: 1) seven sources of retirement income review, 2) five retirement options when expense/income gaps occur, 3) illustrations and worksheets that remove the complexity out of retirement, and 4) next steps at designing programs for your clients’ specific needs.

Retirement Strategic workbook
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Help Small-Business Owners with Life Insurance
Did you know that small-business owners may benefit from fixed index universal life insurance? With this presentation you will receive an introduction to selling to small business owners and learn tips on prospecting to get you more appointments. The Annuity Store has available a client approved presentation on the value of life insurance , perspectives on using life insurance to fund executive bonuses, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, key person and buy-sell agreements and Business Financial Inventory worksheet.

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Key Person Life Insurance
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