Feel comfortable delegating areas of responsibility to your team at The Annuity Store to help simplify your life and free up the necessary time to focus on your unique income generating abilities.

Access to Product Knowledge

Leverage our Marketing Consultants’ knowledge of the multiple products offered through 25 insurance carriers. Your dedicated Marketing Consultant will provide personalized case design, product positioning and guidance in finding the appropriate product solution for your client’s situation. They will deliver new innovative ideas to assist you in the sales process.

Assistance with Business Operations

Utilize our Operations Department as if we were your own. Contracting Specialists are here to expedite the appointment process and provide flexible contracting solutions to best serve your business. Seasoned Sales Support Specialists are by your side to create illustrations, order sales material, and review applications for accuracy. Our team will routinely check the status of your business and communicate any outstanding requirements to prevent any delay in processing or commission payments.

Navigate Suitability with Accuracy & Ease

The industry is changing and regulations have mandated that insurance companies be more diligent in their efforts to supervise and perform suitability review. The Annuity Store is one of the first insurance marketing organizations to employ an experienced suitability officer to help you navigate the sometimes complicated and confusing world of suitability. Our suitability officer will help get your business submitted right the first time so you won’t have to experience delays.

Stay Informed on Changing Regulations & Help Protect Your Business

Now more than ever, it is important to be fully aware of the regulatory requirements that affect our industry and your practice. The Annuity Store uniquely provides compliance guidance and support through our in-house compliance officer.  Our compliance officer will help you remain informed and aware of regulatory requirements you may have questions about.

Please note that The Annuity Store and its representatives do not give legal advice.  Please check the laws and regulations of each state where you do business to ensure you are in compliance with the specific requirements of those states. You are encouraged to consult with your tax advisor, attorney, or regulators in the states where you conduct business.